Apart from sending the usual & sincerely meant good wishes for an extremely healthy & happy 2014 to His Nibs, George Michael, I think we should also thank David Austin. It’s just my opinion but I feel he has been working very hard behind the scenes in 2013 to enable the forth coming surprises being hinted at on the George Michael website. It must be reassuring for His Nibs to know he is not alone. He has good friends and trusted colleagues at his side, capable of sharing his creativity in both his music and in his life.

Sometimes in dischord or disharmony, all that is needed is a slower tempo or a simple chord change or key change. Sometimes the Melody may need an overhaul or even taken apart so it can be put back together more cohesively. In Song as in Life, as long as the Hook is strong or the chorus is intact, everything else can change, transpose and grow. Growth can modulate in any direction harmoniously.

In all of this turmoil, the Key of Life is very simple, accented with neither Sharps nor Flats. Simply put it is unlimited Patience and unconditional Love. So from this Lovelies’ Corner comes all the patience needed and all the unconditional support and love required to make both of your musical compositions and your life’s projects a complete success.

Meme Larmour


Rédigé par Frédérique