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This is my short summary of George Michael rule in my life.

Opposite to many of other fantastic fans  I’m living in a country where it was simple impossible even to dream to meet George Michael at concerts or  have access to his singles or albums  at once (when I was young).

Thanks God polish radio and TV have always loved him much, and I spent a lot of time waiting for his songs or listening to tapes

 (Do you remember these good all times?)

First song – “Young Guns”, and everything started- up to now.  coeur2

I passed leaving school exam – I had to describe in English my free time activity.

I started talking about music and of course the rest was about George.

The most important song “Jesus to a child” because:

  1. It was favourite song of my 82yrs old grandpa,  who was one of the most important people in my life.  I remember such a situation – I came to visit him, and he called me to his room and showed the TV screen with the words  ”it  is your George, - beautiful song”.  In those times only he understood my love to George music.      

  2. And funny situation when I was taking a very important exam. After written exam I decided not to pass an oral exam next day (usually 5 of 35 people passed the exam). But my mum woke me up in the early morning (at 5) and tried to persuade that I should try. In those time the best solution to check what time it is ,you had to turn on TV because on the screen there was shown a big clock (programmes were transmitted much later). And I don’t know why I said to her “ if I turned TV on I would see George and of course I would pass the exam”. And I turned tv, I heard “Jesus to a child” and – in next 5 minutes I was dressed – in next 10 hours  I passed my exam. As a result I have very good job.  

The song I love – “Move on” it simply moves all my feelings.

Times changed, we are in UE and my dreams came true : first concert in Berlin (25 live), and among others concerts 2 in Poland – for me incredible, and meeting face to face with George himself in front of the hotel in Prague.     

Unfortunately the concert was cancelled I was alone in a hotel completely broke down.

In an hour later I met wonderful people who took me to their car, we went at the hotel and we were waiting for George. I was very close to him and I would never forget his voice (magical).  My first thought was that he was much handsome in real life than in videos, at concerts (if it is possible of course), and he let me feel his incredible power.

’m very strong person but in his company, despite the fact that he was absolutely fantastic and patient and nice, I felt that he was THE BOSS there.

 And now – next weekend I will be giving lecture to my university students about business. In their book there is a picture of George Michael and the cover of 25live booklet (the example of success). It will be quite nice time for me.  


This picture was taken by one of my friends in front of the hotel in Prague. George was leaving because the concert was cancelled. We were happy to see him. One of these hands on the left side of the picture is mine.:)

I was so close to him.
Thank you George for your music and I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Being your fan means that throughout  my live I have one person more to love, take care who is important for me, whose voice helps me when “the life is kicking my…… “  

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<br /> Beautiful commentary aldex, very touching and moving! I share with you the love of "Move on"", that song helped me a lot! and "Jesus to a child" always brings tears to my eyes too...<br /> <br /> <br /> take care xxx<br />
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