Christine "Bond of Love"

Publié le 15 Juin 2013

DSCI0171.JPGMy Little Luck "George Michael"
I am already for many years a GMFan.
My great LOVE for George began with "Careless Whisper"! I was sooooo in Love:-))))) 
This "Bond of Love" runs through my life day by day!!!
George's beautiful songs tell me to always think positive, everything will be fine.
He makes me Smile and I feel Lucky.
In 2011 and 2012 a dream came true for me "Symphonica Tour" in Berlin and Vienna!!!!!!! #SooooGreat!!!!!!
George was and is "Unique" and his voice  "Fantastic" as velvet and silk!!! 
Two great evenings that I will never forget:-))))
I say with all my Heart,
"Thank you George that you are with us" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love you forever and to all eternity
your Christine
!!!!!!!!!!! take care of yourself and a lot of health !!!!!!!!!!!

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