Cristina "A Very Special Day"

Publié le 5 Juin 2013

cristina-copie-1.jpgHello Frédérique,
Congratulations on your initiative, your imagination and for always being there generating pleasant situations around George Michael.
I send you a photo which to me means a lot and to which I have much affection.
It is I, in 1989, on the street next to a poster presentation of the Faith tour in Barcelona.
I went to that concert with the person who later became my husband, though he is not now because he died.
It was a very special day, I remember a George Michael full of energy as always coeur2delighted us, and I wanted to share with you.
George is a big part of the soundtrack of my life. I admire his ability to write song lyrics and musical arrangements (works perfect), his wonderful voice that carries both, is a ballad, is funky ...
And above all his honesty, which sometimes brought him trouble, but he kept his way of being and living, like it or not. I respect him and always will wish him the best.  

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<br /> Très émouvant Cristina <br /> <br /> <br /> J'aurais toujours le regret de ne pas l'avoir vu sur scène dans les 80s...trop petite et pas encore fan ! Ça devait être une sacrée tournée en tout cas !<br />