Ilse : "I thought George looked at me"

Publié le 2 Juin 2013

ILSE.jpgHi Frederique,
Finally, I found my favorite George Michael picture...
Or do I have to say one of my favorites.
Look in the attachement: Always loooooved this pic. 
My best memory as a fan
There are many of them but the most beautiful one is the performance at Ziggo Dome on the 14th September incoeur2 Amsterdam voor his Symphonica Tour.
To see him live again after his illness was such a joy for me. You could see for him too.
He always had a special bond with Holland so I decided to see him live there.
The whole experience was just amazing. Every note sounded so perfect and sung with so much emotion.
Wanted this evening to go on forever.
And a few times during the show we ran in front of the stage.
I never saw him so close and at one moment I thought he looked at me. I hope so .
Thank you George for an amazing evening and all Lovelies who made it so special with me.
Ilse (AmazingLovelyGM)

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