Les fans parlent de George Michael à Amsterdam

Publié le 16 Septembre 2012

VOLKSRANT.jpgRéactions des fans de George hier matin sur Twitter à ma question : "comment était George Michael à Amsterdam ?" Besoin de traduction?:-)


Nicole Ekdom@MrsEkdom

Totally Awesome!! Please come back soon!!



It was so good, still jumping around. Thank you for the retweets lastnigtht.


chris tri@gmonemoretry

what question! Marvelous! We love you george!


Siobhain Topping@SiobhainTopping

brill as always but didnt sing White Light. We were spoilt in Brussels and Vienna


Fredi Threlfall@markswife

He was absolutely fantastic! Everyone was fantastic. Birmingham better get ready for a treat!!!!



how was george? f*ckin' amazing, what a great singer, that voice... Oct, last year was also great!


Ragnhild Pietersma@RagnhildFrance

Enjoyed our evening very much. Absolutely love the man. Toujours la meilleure voix du monde


Thank you everyone !

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