Monica "My meeting with George"

Publié le 14 Juin 2013

MONICA.jpeg"I have a lot of memories about George,especially moments related to his concerts,but I have one of it that is the best day in my meeting with him!
I had the chance to meet my beloved George on 26 February 2009,on my birthday.

I went to London, the city that I love, 'cause show it to my husband,he had never been there,but I also wanted to try to meet George at least once in my life.

I arrived outside his home at 16:30,on the day of my birthday.I arrived in London on the evening of 24,do not ask me why I didn't go outside his home on 24,I had a strange feeling, a little voice inside me telling me to go there only the day of my birthday ...
I recognized the house from the pictures I saw on the
forums and on the newspapers.
I spotted his car and there was no doubt,it was his house ..
I was on the other side of the street to avoid creating too much trouble,I was a little ashamed of the doorbell, it's filled with cameras and as we know the discrete nature of George ....
At 17h, a black car pulled up and parked next to the car George. The driver came out and went in George's house...
... I began to tremble ... I was sweating, my heart is packed and I tried to think of what I wanted to tell George, but I focused more my head emptied, a real blank page, I thought of NOTHING, I felt that my heart ....
I told my hubby Roberto to prepare the camera while I was preparing my book and my pen ...
 I could not cross the street because the bodyguards were ready to stop me ... at that moment, HE,MY LOVE,GEORGE opened the door ...He appeared, in simple jeans and hooded sweater with two cans in hand...
I said to Roberto "here he is", I was already on the other side of the street, there was nothing more for me, no more bodyguards, nothing and no one, just me in front of him,hoping he would not leave immediately.
He looked at me, smiled and apologized "Sorry, I'm late." I told him "please George, just a moment, it's my birthday," he changed his expression, he approached me and said, "really ? Your birthday? "HE, TO ME!! coeur2
He stopped, took the pen and the book I handed him and began to write.
Meanwhile the nightmare I feared came true and I heard the words that no one wants to hear in those moments, Roberto said "nooooooooooon, the batteries are discharged .... "I changed the battery in the morning, bought in a shop in London ... George did not understand what was said Roberto, and seeing that he was preparing to take a picture of us at the same time I was in shock after the sentence Roberto, George put his arm around me and wonderful approached me...almost to embrace me ...I was in Paradise....I just wanted this moment last forever...
 I was aware of when I put my arm around him, I touched his sweatshirt ..
The picture is not output, George left. I just have two pictures with him that Roberto has made ​​one minute before all that... but the story is not over yet because when he was leaving, Roberto said, "look, the camera works again"
George had already reached to his car, he stopped, returned to me,gave his arm around me AGAIN! I almost died, but still no picture, what a pity ...
I thanked him and he left, I was shaking like a leaf......
It has been the happiest moment of my life, but I regret not having had time to tell him all the things that came to my mind after that.
I will not use more the pen with which he wrote...and of course, I changed my camera."
a word that symbolizes George for me is a definition: THE STILL POINT OF MY LIFE,MY LIFELINE.
"Happy 50 Birthday George,you are and will be the light in my life,thank you for what you have given to me in these years,I love you"

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<br /> J'adore les récits de fans qui l'ont rencontré!! Et ça donne envie d'aller faire un saut à Londres et de de tenter sa chance <br /> <br /> <br /> bon week-end à tous!<br /> <br /> <br /> carole<br />
<br /> <br /> Bien ! Tu en auras d'autres Carole  bon week end à toi aussi<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />