Natalia "George, this angel is so precious"

Publié le 20 Juin 2013

natalia.jpgWell...Alright, I don't really have much to say about GM's concerts, as I've never been in one.. Nevertheless, I've watched as much as I could find online and I must say that this talented man, this angel, is so precious and noone can take his place. But why haven't I yet been to any GM concerts? See,I'm too young to know GM, but still, I grew up with his music, as my mum is a fan since the WHAM! Days! I remember listening to him since a baby girl, there wasn't a day without GM.

It was like a basic need to start your day.He's gorgeous, or maybe i should say GEORGEOUS, inside & out.

And his voice, oh my God I've never heard a voice like that.No kidding, whenever I hear his songs I just close my eyes and travel with his voice.

So peaceful, so calm and warm.As I use to say, he captivates every piece of me.Isn't it like an angel's voice? I know you feel it too!

I never stopped admiring him, and I feel so grateful for being a George Michael fan!

I just wish that I will soon have the chance to see him live too, it's like the sweetest dream.Lately, I opened a twitter account and got in touch with many GM Lovelies, and realised that he has the most loyal fans than every other artist!

So many years and still supporting him, I'm sure he is proud. Those guys are so kind,lovely and interested in what you have to say.We are a big family, though scattered around the world, George Michael's music connects us. coeur2

Happy Birthday,George. I wish your 50th birthday will be amazing, see, you've already lived for half a century!

How amazing is that? So much memories of all these years!God bless you,my angel. Please, never forget that your fans will always be there for you.

We all love you so much, please take care,Natalia. xxx  

P.S.THANK YOU, DEAR @GeorgeMichaelNews-So-sorry-that-I-don't-know-your-name ,but this blog is amazing! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to write all those words!xxx

God bless you all xxx

(Natalia08 GM)

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