Nu To George : "Tomorrow is yours"

Publié le 1 Juin 2013

coeur2Aww… Darling:

What can I tell you? All my life my greatest wish has been to write you an email. Maybe stupid and irrelevant to others but I truly in Love with the Word, and the word gives me more happiness sometimes than anything touchable. Thanks to Fred because she is giving me this opportunity (she is wonderful, you know).

She asks “My best memory as a GM's fan, my favorite pic of him and one word to sum up the man ? Difficult. But I’ll try.

Fred, my best memory, it was in Amsterdam, year 2012.

George to the edge of the stage singing a song that was not on the initial list, and my heart so anchored to it that was not possible to any tide to move me from the world he was creating. (Sorry my bad english).

GeorgeAmsterdam32bis.jpgMy favorite pic of him…. ooh… more difficult. I supose every last pic I see from “that face, that wonderful face” is my fave. But, I swear I love this pic of “That Day”.

And a WorD? a word that might appear in my head and immediately I see George:

He is made of the material that can create the dreams of others: He is purest #Essence and I admire each note (and above all them, every magic word) of his WorK; every drop of Light that he is able to stole from his soul, -even in bad times for him-, everything for and to Us.

Happy Birthday, George, one more try, one more year: My heart is deeply connected to yours, perhaps long before my first listen. Although that might be inconsequential for you, your music pulled me from the utter sadness and any black hole more than once, so one more time: THANKS, my friend. I Love your soul. It is much more GreaT than you could think in your best opinion about yourself because “The bad stuff is easier to believe… You ever notice that?” (Pretty Woman, Touchstone Pictures, 1990).

Nefer7yri or Nu.

P.S: Enjoy this year. Today and tomorrow… is Yours. :-)

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<br /> Superbes photos sur la bannière, que c'est agréable de voir ce magnifique sourire... <br /> <br /> <br /> Très belle lettre pour ouvrir ce mois d'anniversaire !<br /> <br /> <br /> Bon week-end à tous!<br />
<br /> <br /> J'avoue que je l'aime beaucoup aussi  Tu verras au fil des jours que les fans de George ne sont pas avares de<br /> trés belle paroles. Merci Carole<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />