Rina "George is a Genius"

Publié le 23 Juin 2013

coeur2Hello, my name is Rina and I am a longtime fan of George Michael's creativity and admin of Russian George Michael's group in vk.com !

I 'm In a hurry and want to congratulate him on his birthday!     In my life, George Michael appeared in 1994, when I was 11 years old. It was like a flash of emotion caused by his magical Christmas song. His voice, tone, intonation, play a game of feelings gave rise to the imagination through which this outbreak has turned into a steady flame of love for him.

I think George Michael's most unique, talented and versatile musician, composer and singer, who was already a living legend and heritage of the world music industry. Any written a song or cover them become iconic and incredibly beautiful.

He is like a magician who can create, revitalize and bring the power of emotion through the songs to their audience and to conquer in one moment forever.

It seems to me there is no such person, which at least one or more songs of George did not touch the heart. This suggests that George is a genius and created in order to create music. For 30 years, George is a dedicated servant of music, which over the years becomes even better and more beautiful as an expensive wine!

I wish George Michael enormous happiness, love and health. And his fans to enjoy his old and new songs. I am proud that I live with George Michael at one time!    

Thank you George for the fact that your music helps us to live!



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