deon estus bisF -You have just unveil on your website DeonEstus.com "Only love is real" a song from your new album to come. It will be your second album. Why do you wait so long after Spell ?

D-Timing is everything. 

F - What are your musical influences on "only love is real" ?

D - I was feeling a retro, poppy kindof feel when writing this song.  I amalways influenced by orchestration and working with players with feeling. 

F - Is it a total Deon Estus production " Vocalist -Musician - Composer - Producer" ? 

D - The song was written & produced by myself and my partner Barry Coffing.  I used real musicians and an orchestra.  

F- You are one of the best bass player in the world, and you were the third man of Wham! : when will we see you again in Europe ?

D- I hope to be in Europe very soon.  I am still putting the right team together.I can’t wait to get there.  

F- One of your last tweet made a buzz : A new "Heaven help me" ! can you tell us more ? new version ?, new collaboration ?

D- I am in the studio right now doing the new version of Heaven Help Me.  I am very excited; it is coming out great! 

F - Some projects with George Michael in the future ?

D- Yes, I am planning on working with George again in the future.