PODIUM-1.jpgGeorge Michael went Dutch tonight on his Amsterdam date in the Ziggo Dome on the 14th of September.  Like from quite a few tight, “gentlemen” (and ladies) from everyone’s home town, came that famous ever so “rosematic” request….Meet Me Inside My Lovelies!!!  But in this instance, this supremely talented Symphonica performer impresario had his fans happily paying for him to deliver… and HE DID!


A “good luck Team Michaelx” (for tonight) was tweeted through @GeorgeMichaelNL from Ed Barker @edthejazzman, waiting to make his debut in Birmingham as the new saxophonist.  Then Jay Henry from @JVoxAcademy tweeted, “Amsterdam?  Very interesting place, I’m getting ready for tonight’s show at Ziggo Dome Arena, nice new building.  J  @GeorgeMichaelNL was online and full of interesting information as usual.  “George will perform at the sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam tonight.  Its capacity is around 17,000 #SymphonicaTour”.  “The Ziggo Dome is also referred to as a Black Box ‘cos of its shape and colour with 840,000 LED Lights #SymphonicaTour”.  She wasn’t kidding!!!!  @GeorgeMOfficial tweeted,  “Soundchecking Father Figure.  As Henry Hey pointed out, it’s our last show with Czech National Symphonia Orchestra.  *sniff* @ZiggoDome”.    The sound check pic from Bev @GeorgeMOfficial of Father Figure showed very plush seats AND THREE separate massive rings of overhead stage lights alone! 


It literally does look like a black box from the outside, rather like someone’s external hard drive or what some forgetful pilot dropped on the flight path to Skipol Airport just 25 mins away!  “We found the goodies @Ziggodome #SymphonicaTour”.  The accompanying pic showed a large display of The Symphonica Tour merchandise on display.  “And we are inside #Ziggodome”.  Inside it was extremely comfortable (very plumpy seats) which was appreciated, by the now aging, George Michael Dutch fans, as was the fabulous acoustics.  I thought the hearing aid seat plug-ins, Tena Ladies free samples & comfy slippers under the seats were a thoughtful touch @Ziggodome!!!!! “#Symphonica Wow Ziggo Dome is really lovely, not a cramped seat in sight LOL… (Her knees and back were severely abused by her seat in very posh circumstances previously)…We are in the middle of the row. No getting out L  “No intergrated cup holders…”.   NO I’m not going to say what I’m now thinking or I will be lynched! 


“Now Now Dutch Lovelies, I’m only joking!!! Mother of Mine…help!!!  Stop with the disco lit, Zimmer Frames attack!!! I’ll have you know that’s assault with a geriatric, deadly weapon!!!!  (Nice disco lights though!)  Alright alright, that was unnecessary and cruel of me and totally out of character!!!!  I know I know!! You didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of the row ‘cos you want to get down for the medley and not a quick dash for the loo!!!  (But what about the Sippy cup holder???)  I deserve my Zimmering, me’s very sorry.  As an apology I’ll treat you all to a drink (For your non-existing DRINKS holder.  What do you want from one of the many bars in the Ziggo Dome!! ..(Raising my voice louder)…What’s your pleasure ladies?? Oh very funny, A George Michael--STRAIGHT!!!


Let’s hope there isn’t a cock-tail hour before the show or His Nibs will be in serious bother holding onto his “principles”!!! Ironically while typing this and listening to Heart Radio London, (they usually play His Nibs everyday), George Michael came on, singing Fast Love!!  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions (just make sure you draw your curtains first!!!).  Oh Oh…I’ve just had a great (Irish) business idea…. Forget your Jack Daniels Whiskey, Phff, spits in bucket!! …. BUSHMILLS are currently trying to crack the alco-pop/YOUNG female market… (They told me when I was up there on a visit this summer, honest! And yes I’m trying to suck up back into the YOUNG Dutch Lovelies, good books!).  Where’s me copyright application form???  “THE GEORGE MICHAEL FRISK”…Whadda ya think??? Here’s me sales splurge…

“Bushmill’s sweet,   throat tickling,   smooth liquor whiskey   with a drizzle of Greek honey,   decadent cream   and a hint of gold leaf!!!    A brisk but effective caress of your senses, that leaves you wanting more!    Warmed and straight (!!!)   or chilled on the rocks,   it always aims to tease!!!”  Ha, How apt!!  Sound familiar???  Gosh imagine me having the Bushmills’ Distillery on my speed dial, that’s handy!!!....Just me and my passion for Irish Liquid Cultural pursuits!!!  


Talking of Irish Cultural pursuits…. 2013 is the Official year of “The Gathering”!!!  Us Irish are supposed to further our Irish Culture of hospitality and go digging up all our Irish roots abroad!!! I might as well as it’s the only digging I’ve done in a long while, except for digging myself into large holes of trouble with these defamatory reviews.  Everybody is invited to Ireland who has Irish roots… for “The Gathering”.  As you all are related to me, (through a defective insanity gene, if you’re still reading this) your all officially invited, just mention Meme at passport control and you’ll be AMAZED how fast of a fast track you’ll get!!!  Now your Royal Nibs, don’t get all uptight, but I’m presently rummaging around in your roots to locate your deviant gene, the Irish one!  Never mind giving me a hard time Fadi Fawaz!   In this instance I’m more qualified than you to fiddle around in his roots!!! (me’s an archemolologist & A YOUNG Ancient historian before you lot start….anything under 1600 years is classed as modern so I’m safe!!). 


To date whilst compiling your Official Irish Genealogical Study, hic, Mr Michael, Toolan’s Irish bar in North Finchley says they remember a Paddy O’ Oughto alright but they need to check the Keira-Cás connection just to be sure to be sure!!!  They sent me on to The Cat & Fiddle in Cobden Hill, Hic-UP!!  But when I got there I HAD to wait until Friday night!!  On Friday night I was told I should go to the Red Lion in The High Street Bushey!!!  I obediently went but by then I’d forgotten why I came so I just enjoyed the hic-atmosphere-hic!!!  Right so, when are you coming back to Ireland for the gathering then?  You organise the 02 in Dublin for a gig and I’ll organise Bushmills for the Launch of “THE GEORGE MICHAEL FRISK”, sound like a plan??  6 million bottles of anything with any amount of alcohol in it for any reason, is child’s play in Ireland Lady Gaga!  Who’s up for a George Michael Frisk at his “Irish” Gathering in Dublin???  Well… all you YOUNG well travelled Dutch Lovelies, What about it???? Is it VERY obvious I’m still sucking up (Unsuccessfully!)?


Back to USEFUL information again, a pic came through and a tweet from @GeorgeMichaelNL of “10 Redburn trucks transfer about 150 tons of Symphonica equipment.  Read our #Symphonica #Redburn article on our blog!”  I had already a few days before!  It was short, sweet, interesting & to the point with classy visuals!!!  Wonder would they give me lessons??  Meanwhile I’ll waffle on and get to the interesting bit The Concert!!!!  “Everyone is inside the #Ziggodome now”.  “Waiting you know what we see…. A pic of the famous red curtain came through….another pic was posted with the tweet “The famous red (in fact black) curtain #Symphonica” and the pic showed the same curtain now black.  “#Symphonica curtain is blowing in the wind Lol.  Not sure what they’re doing backstage to make it move like that.”  “the @Ziggodome is packed to the roof for @GeorgeMichael #Symphonica”.  “Show scheduled to start in about 45 minutes. Although the show is scheduled for around 8pm it usually starts closer to 8.30GM!!! I’m coming out soon for pictures… Meet me on the floor!  Bev #Symphonica”.  Poor Bev, meet her??  They very nearly had her on the floor in the stampede!  “Whoa that was a lot of photos!”  “Any second now its 8pm George Michael Time (GMT) ;).”  Aaw bless they mustn’t know him very well…oops I didn’t see their wink…they obviously do!


BEV2.jpg“And the orchestra is in @Ziggodome.  #Symphonica”.  “We have lift off!  #SymphonicaTour #Ziggodome Through of course”.  “False start?  Orchestra stopped playing.  Is George running late? ;-0  #SymphonicaTour  #Ziggodome….Ok now we go!...”  When the Dutch Twitter Teams on the job EVERYTHING gets tweeted…Ha  I love it!!!  Bev was also deeply dippy in the Ziggo Dome…“One more reason to love Amsterdam.  Free Wi-Fi in the Venue.  What?  Bev”……”  OH HAPPY DAYS…..OH HAP—PY DA-AYS… OH HAPPY DAYS…OH HAP-PY DA-AYS….WHEN WIFI WORKED!!!!  (That was me singing not Bev, off key {board} of course!)  “Have you seen roaming data rates?  ;0 Bev”.  But here we go Amsterdam!  Opening with Through  #Symphonica”.  I sat back all excited ready for George Michael #Twitterlive…. You know it’s too good to last don’t you!!!  What’s the definition of a cynic????....  A realistic optimist!!!  “Yep just switched to data.  Sigh.  It was fun while it lasted -Bev.” “Amazing acoustics in the #Ziggodome.  George Michael plus Czech National Symphonica opened the show with Through You Tube”.  (the uploads of the concert are on You Tube).   Next it was the swinging My Baby Just Cares For Me.  “The Ziggo Dome is on their feet!  Everybody already out of their seats!”  That’s the Dutch for you, throwing abandon (& their disco Zimmer frames) to the wind and already up and partying!!!


We haven’t even got to Father Figure cos that was next.  “George Michael in the whitePODIUM-6.jpg shirt/black suit combo”.   (Don’t forget the black tie Bev!...Me’s just being a helpful on-liner, with my big mouth, I need all the friends I can get tonight #slurp-suckup!)  George Michael is… “more chatty already tonight.  Just asked how it was in the back.  Bev #Symphonica”.  “They can’t get the audience to go back to their chairs here! :0”  “OK all back in their seats.”  George said, “ ‘How are we all doing so far?  Here’s a song from the 90’s.  It’s from the album Listen Without Predjudice.’  Cowboys And Angels #Symphonica #Ziggodome”.  “I do love that Cowboy and Angels’ intro #Symphonica”.  “Ooh the Dutch crowd is loving Cowboys And Angels.  Singing along-Bev #Symphonica”.  Now Lovelies please don’t shoot the messenger (AGAIN)… but the Dutch are really pernickety and have ears like bats.  The last thing they need is hearing aids believe me!!!  Amidst all this NOISE came the next tweet…” There was a little slip at the beginning of Cowboys And Angels but his voice sounds good!”.  Phew bet you’re relieved that your voice passes Dutch muster Your Royal Nibness!!!  “When the crowd cheers loud for Kissing A Fool, George Michael SAYS ‘Oh Yes’ :0 Bev #Symphonica”. “Yes George made it through the fast part of Kissing A Fool and made the well known hand gesture over his head Pfew!”  Ha, if he reads this he’ll be making a few more hand gestures me thinks!!! Don’t worry my lips are sealed as to your identity…. but I can’t promise my elbows will behave!!!   “Finally @GeorgeMichael is back in Holland, audience really enjoying this show.  “George Michael expresses gladness about the new arena in Amsterdam, and expects this to be a very fun show, based on Rotterdam last year.  :0 Bev #Symphonica”.   “ ‘Thankyou Amsterdam, I can’t believe you finally have an arena in Amsterdam”.  (Last year)… “we played down the road in Rotterdam…. was the best…so I know you are gonna do fine and I’ll do my best’”.  Going To A Town “about gay rights” was followed by him saying,  “… ‘for Alselmo and for my Mother’ You Have Been loved now up Bev #Symphonica”.  “I hear sounds of mandolins…Wild Is The Wind gets the crowd onto their feet. Bev #Symphonica.”  “George is really enjoying himself singing in the @Ziggodome, he is doing special extras at the end of Wild Is The Wind.”  “Its amazing in the @Ziggodome, we even hear the details from the orchestra!  Sounds amazing!  George sounds very good!  #Symphonica”.  “Of Brother Can You Spare A Dime he said ‘This next song was written in the 20’s, it’s a classic’.”  “Intermission Time!  Bev #Symphonica”.  “Wow! #SymphonicaTour.  Going To A Town, You Have Been Loved and fantastic Wild Is The Wind”.  “#Symphonica such a fun first half, I think he’s really enjoying himself.  His voice is very good and his energy”  Through the roof.  “@GeorgeMichael the Amsterdam show is fantastic!  Love it!”

“We are really enjoying ourselves and George is too.  In 4 minutes we are continuing THE Party.  #SymphonicaTour”. 


VOLKSRANT-copie-1.jpgNow I have to be serious for a moment so please be patient (I know I’ve already tried your patience!!)  There are few entertainers who can completely change the format of their material after 30 years, take it on tour, just for the hell of it without an album to promote and put on such an expensive show; cancel half way, due to nearly popping his clogs, (sorry wee inadvertent Dutch pun there), make his fans wait a year for its resumption and get these “Fantastic”, “Amazing” “Party” comments after just the first half!!!!  Right speechifying over and back to the concert.


“Alright 3 minutes to go to the loo before the start of the second half of #Symphonica in Amsterdam Bev”.  Ha!  Hope you weren’t stuck in the middle of the row!!!  “The Symphonica orchestra is back on stage”.  “Well wouldn’t you know, the wifi came back up right after I bought data.  #Murphyslaw Bev”.  “Glad you’re enjoying! (the online concert updates…It was TwitterLive!).  I’m by the lighting board during the show.-Bev”… (Not in middle of row then Bev!).  Now forgive me…You should all know by now I’m only knitting with one needle…. (#Irishspeak for only half a brain), so the start of this tweet eludes me …. “…they get on the right bus after show”.. I’m assuming that Bev and @GeorgeMichaelNL, Dutch HQ (me’s busy genuflecting every time I type in their Twitter Name), were talking about which Tour coach Bev had to take after the concert.  “Don’t take the wrong bus in the direction of the Czech Republic! :0”  Our wonderful, talented and very zany, Czech Orchestra sadly would be on that one, as it was their last Symphonica performance. We have to say goodbye to them tonight.  I’ll miss them, especially our slap happy “Madonna” on the violins!!! Take care and good luck in your careers.  There are a few insights into them on the @GeorgeMichaelNL informative Symphonica Tour Page under the heading “About”,  So take a little peek if you want to find out some more about them.  Oh my poor knees with all this f***ing genuflecting every time I type #Youknowhat!!!!  I SAID “FARTING” u bad minded peops, I have kids!!!!


“And here we go!  Part 2 kicks off with Waiting For That Day. Bev”. 

Check – (see what I did)”.  Yes honey….. Czech which bus you’ve to get on smarty pants!!!  “George hands over the mic to us….”  “EVERYONE… joined in with ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’…It was awesome.  :0”.  “During Waiting For That Day…the crowd all participated with great enthusiasm!  #Understatement…Via Dutchieemy”.  “Great to hear George performing waiting For That Day.  Love that rhythm!  You tube”.  Of course the pics and tweets were flooding in….it was Dutch Twitter Team’s home turf….and I was getting plenty of “Tweetment”!!  Even the @Ziggodome was getting in on the act as their own pictures came in of George performing on stage!  “Of Roxanne, George Michael said, ‘This next song is written by a gentleman named Sting back in 1979’   “And the ladies of Amsterdam’s red light district are on the screen for Roxanne.  Bev #Symphonica”.  “By the way those of you who guessed black shirt/black suit ensemble get a gold star.  Bev”.  ”.  Next came,  “True Faith ‘written by New Order about the nature of conviction’…with lots of vocoder #Symphonica”.  “@GeorgeMichael is sounding really good.  Best one so far and he’s enjoying himself”.  “ ‘Such a long time ago’ George Michael introducing A Different Corner.  Bev #Symphonica”.  “Audience singing along to A Different Corner”. 


Things were moving much faster in the second half as usual and the party atmosphere was building.  Not even the next soulful ballad quelled it.  It was originally written in the 1940’s and recorded by Nat King Cole in the ‘40’s, Billy Holiday in the ‘50’s and Marvin Gaye in the ‘60’s.  “ ‘When I first heard this song….it was a relevation!’…You’ve Changed Bev #Symphonica”.   “Wow You’ve Changed sounded marvellous in the Ziggo Dome!” “Russian Roulette and we have stormed to the front J”.  Told you that last ballad didn’t quieten them at all.  The front of stage “Gathering” of the GM Lovelies had officially started.  Next came Praying For Time…. “Everybody standing #Symphonica”.  “One of the highlights of the concert…@Ziggodome-@GeorgeMichael-Praying For Time You Tube”.  “Dare we say the old George Michael is back again here in the #Ziggodome?  Phenomenal and brilliant vocals!  #Symphonica #GeorgeMichael.”… “Not that we are biased :0”.  “There was Feeling Good….Lots of screaming….Waiting for George and the encore”. “Bedlam”.  


After even more screaming…..George Michael was back on stage, clearly delighted…. “ ‘Let me tell you I love this F**king arena!  It’s true, finally you have one’ #Ziggodome #GeorgeMichael #Symphonica”.  “He looked shocked by the noise and in disbelief “Clapped his left hand over his mouth”.  “George wants to see the seats at the top and wants more light.  He’s now going to thank everyone, band and orchestra #Symphonica”.  “The Czech National Symphony Orchestra is going home after this concert L”.  “When introducing his band he (George) went wrong when he arrived at Phil Palmer, ‘I know this guy for 35 years… (laughing at his own mind blank), …and this went over my head’ LOL”. “Before the medley George said ‘Thanks for letting me thank them (the band and orchestra) and this one is for you, thanking you’”….And I want to hear every voice in this place”.  

He then fired up to the explosive dance medley of Amazing, I’m Your Man and the GM meat sandwich, (by now completely Genetically Modified by the @GMSingers) in Freedom. 

“Lots of screaming for more!!  Amsterdam wants more!  #Symphonica”.  “We’re back to I Remember You for the second encore!  Bev #Symphonica”.  “I REMEMBER YOU!!!!!!!!!!”.  “I Remember You is back on the set list!”  George said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Michal Matejcik”.  “Harp solo and love from the crowd for Michal…(who was)…dancing away during the medley ;0 Bev…No White Light tonight”.

 “ ‘Good night Amsterdam.  I love you.  You’re F**king fantastic’.  Agreed George Michael, agreed.  Bev #Symphonica”.  “ #Symphonica the noise was just incredible and George almost couldn’t believe how much we loved him.  One for the ages!”  “Thankyou to the orchestra, especially THE violins, who were having a party also!  #SymphonicaTour.” “Finally I Remember You back on the set list.  Youtube”.  “So tonight no Patience and White Light was out but I Remember You was in and very coooooooool! :0”.  “White Light was originally only planned for Vienna, so the fact that Paris and Brussels also got it was a bonus for those liking it”.  “However we feel VERY blessed George felt confident enough to sing I Remember You for the first time since Frankfurt where it all ended”. “Recap, old George Michael is back!  His voice was warm and clear.  He was clearly enjoying himself.  The audience went wild.  I Remember You is back…”  “What a wonderful gig it was.  Thankyou George #SymphonicaTour #Ziggodome.  See you back soon in Holland!”


“All of the Dutch press seems to think George Michael closed the show with White Light last night (as he was planning to do).”  As usual the press photos were up online before the concert finished.  As I’ve said before the press are always in a rush out the door and tend to get things “slightly” skewd!!!  That’s why it is SOOOO important that you read my review and not theirs!!!! First I stay until the VEEERRRY end and secondly I accurately report the view of the concert goers via their tweets from the ACTUAL concert!!!!  Well I DO!!! Just cos I put my own perverted spin on things and relentless tease the life out of all the Lovelies, doesn’t mean you can’t trust me!!!!!


“@GeorgeMichael Wow, I don’t know what to say!  How amazing good was this concert!  Thankyou so much!  George!  Love you!”  @GeorgeMichael gives it all @Ziggodome.  A real life changing gig”.  “@GeorgeMichael you were wonderful once again tonight.  Special shout out to video designer, brilliant and inspiring!”  @GeorgeMichael was F**King good.  That’s what I call singing!!  Absolutely amazing!!!  Great performance!  #Love!”  “Wow you just made my year!! A BIG Thankyou from Amsterdam”.  “Speechless so beautiful was the concert of George Michael”.  “George Michael rule in Ziggo Dome!!”  “George Michael THE VOICE!!!!  Absolutely class”.  “Thanks for an awesome evening in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome @GeorgeMichael:  Loved it”.  “That close?  Honestly?  Yes!  It was fabulous, fantastic, whatever superlatives you can think of #Symphonica”.  Then she posted a picture of George Michael no more than a couple of feet away!!!!!  #Symphonica In the train, still reeling-that’s how good it was.  Total party, the Ziggo Dome rocking and George so happy.  Magic!”  “Enjoyed the show big time!  Always a pleasure Mr Michael!  Great looks, beautiful music and fantastic voice.  #Symphonica”.  SEE all their own tweets accurately reported, disbelieving Thomas’s.


So what DID the press make of it???  Well most by far was very positive and appreciative of this new “Symphonica” look for George Michael.  A sold out Ziggo Dome with a DIVERSE audience had a memorable evening.  During My Baby Just Cares For Me, teenage girls, charming ladies and amorous damsels storm the stage and can’t be got back into their seats until well the after the end of a masterful version of Father Figure.  Boy are you SMOOTH Rene Duljnhoven from (aptly named) Revolvers Lust For Life!!!  Wonder If I had called the Dutch Lovelies “charming ladies”, “amorous damsels” or “teenage girls” would they be still talking to me??  He loved the jazzy covers from “a bye gone age” and the more modern ones of Sting and Roxanne, except for True Faith because the vocoder “distorted his brilliant voice”… the “Only mistake of the evening”.  He admired the visuals greatly and George Michael’s own material, reworked and orchestrated.  The medley in contrast was played only by his band was “extremely catchy and turned into “one big party” with “standing ovations…’s good to be king”.  Similarly, Harold Versteeg from spoke of “pure enjoyment” and that the icing on the cake, “the real deal of the evening was I Remember You with which he thanked his audience”.  Veronica magazine said he was “on top form”. had a slightly different view…..George Michael did have his fans in the palms of his hands even though, had they come expecting the dance tunes of Wham they were going to get disappointed.  “Instead the evening was dominated by covers and ballads and he did manage to quiet his frenzied fans.”  He said it, so I quote it but he has to start taking his medication again or remove the earmuffs the next time!!!!  “His voice was faultless” and “he told his fans they were the best of the tour”.  “Someone held up a sign to George with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ written on it”.  “After the end of the show, the audience called him back to the stage and “they were treated to his hits”.  Don’t you just love the bare bones of facts!!  A little more flesh the next time please!


I’ll leave the last two quotes to two Symphonica favourites as not only do they know what actually happened whilst they performed on stage, Henry Hey also seems to know their next destination very well too!!!ll the Lovelies, se the life out of ings doen'patient (I know I'dley!!!  in The High Street in Bushey!!!  Jay Henry @JVoxAcademy tweeted, “Great show tonight, I really enjoyed the performance Amsterdam you are a fabulous crowd.  :0”  @HenryHey tweeted, “Very nice days in Amsterdam.  Very nice evening here tonight.  Adieu to the CNSO and onto the UK we go.  Rain awaits HaHa.”


We have to say hello to @anadx from Mexico who was online for this Amsterdam Symphonica. So Hello to our wee Lovely in Mexico.


My thanks as always goes to @GeorgeMichael, @GeorgeMOfficial, @GMSingers, @JVoxAcademy, @Henryhey, @markmclean, @benbutlernye, @Edthejazzman, @Marshallarts,


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