Thank you again Shirley for being part of my blog

And especially for this Listen Without Prejudice special month xx

Let's talk about Listen Without Prejudice Shirley, the 2nd George Michael's solo album.
Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year ... already !
F-You did the Backing vocals on Freedom 90 and you are the only one on this album.
How was the recording ? was it special , different ? as it was such different from Faith ?
S-Its always special working with GM , he is such a great artist and I always learn from him, I was also the only singer on Faith so its not the first time lol and hopefully not the last.
F-Can you reveal a special memory from LWP ?
Well I do remember that GM called me at home to ask me to come to the studio, I was cleaning out my loft at the time so Carli (my daughter) answered the phone , all I remember  is her screaming OMG!!!! Mummy George Michael is on the phone . I don't think she knew what I did for a living ;-)
F-Which song of the album is your favorite ? Why ?
I love Cowboys and Angels ,its just so perfect.
F-Did you have the chance to sing it live ?
NO ;-)
F-Freedom 90 was in the medley at the end of the Symphonica Shows.
Very symbolic.
What were the feelings when singing it all together with George ?
That was just so much Fun and a wonderful few moments for us BV's to connect with the crowd and a great chance for me to pitch G's bum ha ha ha !!
F-Have you got a message for the fans Shirley ? ​
Just to say thanks for the love and support they show me on Twitter ,its fun to interact with them X

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