MEME’S  UNFINISHED  #SYMPHONIA ( Her Delusions Of Grandeur Tour )

Marie jpgaGuess whose back along with his Nibs?? Go on guess, guess!! Who put the TWIT into the TWITTERLIGHT REVIEWS??? Yes wee Me!!  Oh alright then DON’T all jump for joy!.. (Muttering expletives she can’t spell properly or she’d type them!) Guess who’s now out in a nasty rash after sooo much “serious”, gushy, touchy feely writing in her AHOY prelude???  Some things just had to be said but I’m allergic to being nice and I need more of my anti-kiss-ass-tamine cream to keep me from turning into Itchy & Scratchy!

After His Nibs scared us all Twitless in Vienna in November last year, (and why this twit disappeared with her wee Twitterlight) he then miraculously made it back home in time for Christmas. Didn’t we all breathe a massive, a well earned sigh of relief? The things naughty pop idols do to get back on SANTA’S GOOD LIST! Bless Santa’s little Jingly Bells he remembered his Satnav.  (It’s been a while!)

Due to a rush for the Royal Albert Hall review for Music News and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden reviews (Oooh I’m sounding sooo professional...Me professional? Don't worry it won't last long!), I had to leave the Dutch review half finished and in Limbo. The last people you leave hanging in Limbo is the Dutch Twitter team! I still have the bruises to prove it!! They may have adopted me in a moment of insanity but wow they’ve got tough love off to a fine art!! (Hit me hit me said the Masochist...NO I WON’T said the Sadist!) They are really very lovely Lovelies and I’m just teasing...honest). Ouch Aggie go easier on your IPad touch there girl!

In my downright panic regarding His Nibs’ jaunt on his state of the art, revolving, air bed; his first legalised coma and everyone else’s headless chicken routine, I didn’t dare go near the Dutch review until now. (You really should learn to delegate Your Royal Nibs). Pity you weren’t able to add telekinesis to your long lists of talents! Trust you to get laid prostrate by a ‘coccal’! That was some bed they showed in the papers though! Deep respect Kemosabe, whilst unconscious they still had to strap you down, to keep you from tossing off your bucking bronco of a bed! Hi Ho Silver!!

In my defence, I didn’t want to tempt fate nor could I face this last review knowing we could lose him. Even when he recovered, we were all afraid to dare hope he’d be able to sing again. Everybody that was anybody was wishing him well and the residents of Twitterville were no exception. His Nibs will be glad to hear that the Twitter superstar, @MrsEddieIzzard, Mother of Many and Lola to her friends, was included among these. She had, among others, expressed her touching concern for his well being. She had become very fond of her "lodger in the attic" as she affectionately referred to him.

We have all thankfully come through that nightmare and now he's recovering nicely.  Once again we are blessed with his Zen like words of wisdom on Twitter and its business as usual folks!!! On the auspicious occasion of him reaching 400,000 followers came these tweets from our Dalai Lama of Funk..."Oooh, look, I'm on the cusp of 400 thousand Lovelies! Let me think of something profound to say...erm...what usually works here...?" "Oh, of course, what was I thinking!" "Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck cock piss bastard." Yes @Dutchieemy as You so aptly put it..."Welcome back".

Oh how we’re all getting excited again, waiting impatiently for September 4th in Vienna for round two of Symphonica. Of course don’t you know the Dutch Twitter team’s going...I’m not jealous (clenching teeth & other things! I just want access to their bank accounts or their bank managers!!!) I’ll be on the other end of my twitter timeline hoping for some fantastic uploads & tweets to ease the pain of not getting there in person like a lot of the Lovelies out there. If I ever got a front row seat I think I’d die of shock. But while we’re on the subject of September 4th and 6th, please could I offer His Nibs some sound advice….He’d better take a surf board with him to Vienna, oh and don’t forget extra hankies.  He’ll need his surf board to survive the enormous wave of emotion that’s going to hit him when he walks on stage for the first time to all his relieved, ecstatic fans.

I think after so much drama and so long a break in the Twitterlight Reviews (weren’t you lucky?) a wee recap is in order. I SAID RECAP not NIGHTCAP!!! Get back from the drinkies corner! Honestly you lot haven’t changed a bit in my absence! GET THE KETTLE ON and I’ll begin the Dutch review. Better make it strong, you’ll need it!! NO not to keep you awake! (I know I can bullshit incessantly), it's 'cos there's a LOT of serious partying about to be related. I can promise you, we can trust our Dutch Lovelies to get us all limbered and warmed up for a new Symphonica party in September. Such was the calibre of twit reporting in Rotterdam in October 2011, we not only had up to the minute musical reports but a veritable 'catwalk' of comments regarding George Michael's wardrobe anomalies! In the mean time I'll pick them up, (oops Freudian Dutch slip there in more ways than one, ahem), I mean, I'll pick up where I left off!

There were three Dutch Symphonicas, each as fabulous as the other. The first show sold out in minutes, as usual, and a second was added, 21st & 22nd of October. However that sold out nearly as quickly so a third was added on the 10th of October. But not wanting to repeat myself...(Hymph! I heard that smarty pants, hope you choke on your STRONG coffee!). NOT WANTING TO REPEAT MYSELF I shall give you the bestest bits. YES YES I know I just repeated myself, that was me being ironic! Why am I afflicted with all this hardship! Now I need a strong Irish coffee!! Please remind me...why oh why did I miss you lot so much???

Concentrate or I'll end up waffling forever!! Right 3 Dutch Symphonicas, 10's of thousands of party mad, George Michael craving, Dutch fans, full Dutch Twitter team (pretending to be completely innocent and unaware of that obvious pun) and 1 Twit Reviewer! (Behave you lot, I’m not that stupid!)...AHOY George Michael!! You really don’t know what you were in for! Nor did I...bloody hell you lot can tweet!! Don’t blame me for the length of this one!! (As the bishop said to the actress!)

Ahoy is your typical, modern, U shaped 15,000 seater stadium, but its striking design has won international awards for its steel structures. Paul McCartney, Bob Marely & The Wailers, Deep Purple, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson & Lady Gaga have all played here. Its seats were high up on all its three sides and three blocks of three in its stalls floored seating. It had a stand alone floating stage to accommodate George Michael, his sextet, his four backing singers and his 41 piece orchestra PLUS harp! (Hello there wee Michal, how did you enjoy London after your Royal Summons to play there Harpo??) I've always had a soft spot for exquisite harp playing. My Dad brought me up on The Marx Brothers! Needless to say I loooved Harpo. Outside, above Ahoy's large glass frontage, is a massive light board, covering the full width of the entrance. This was lit up (literally) with "GEORGE MICHAEL".

@JVoxAcademy tweeted "Another rainy day in Rotterdam hopefully this evenings show will brighten things up". "We went out last night in Rotterdam, we had so much fun!" Another tweet came in..."We have 1 ticket left for George Michael. Who can be here in Ahoy in 1 hour?" Did you ever just want Scotty to beam you up? Where’s my green ink? "Big queues already outside the venue. Not sure why as #Symphonica is seated. But its great people are eager to see GM."

...Now folks, ARE WE THERE YET??? Are those mad, fabulous memories flooding back yet on a wing and a prayer like the proverbial "Flying Dutchman"?? Somehow I dooooon’t think so!!!! Hold on to your Huggies Luvlies 'cos here's how I originally, 'irrevently' started the Dutch review, Lord help me and George miss me... Wonder is George kind like his Jesus?? If not, please pray for me that he keeps his sense of humour and loses his solicitors telephone number my Luvlies...


His Holiness, Comes out of the Gospel closet and DOES JESUS on stage!!!...The newest edition to the Gospel choir-archy, is his Holiness George Michael. He sings his favourite gay Gospel anthem "HE MAN" to his 'enraptured' audience, (dedicated no doubt to his namesake, Archangel Michael, the "Boss"). The latest edition to the Gospel choir-archy, His Holiness, finally coming out of the Gospel closet, AGAIN, admits on stage to his MILLIONS of adoring fans in Ahoy Rotterdam, that no-one does him like Jesus does!!!

Before I illusidate (showing off my posh word of the day!) oops autocorrect just saved my embarrassment in time…. Elucidate… close one!  Imagine a TWIT reporter who can’t spell!!!  Oh very funny!!... It wouldn’t be that hard, would it!!!  Now before I do elucidate (report, DOH!), you must bear in mind that this is Dutch Twitter Team territory. This is where angels fear to tread, especially the sensible ones that Jesus hasn't done yet!! They're as mad as the Irish when it comes to good music, good company and an excuse for a party. (I'm not about to mention anything to do with 'the Craic'!!! 'Cos me's been to Amsterdam!) I found out about my Dutch party animals the Twitter eary-wigging in on their tweets with Google Translate AND my mad Irish kink! It more than ably filled in any blanks that Google inadvertently made!

At 2.30 pm this tweet came in and started my Dutch GM Twitter Party..."Ok, here we go #Symphonica Tour #Ahoy, Phone: check, Camera; check, Money; check, Chocolateur; check (had to be a woman!), Bus & Train; Check...1/2 and Tickets of course; check. Ready for #Symphonica #Ahoy George here we come! #Havingagoodtime". "Almost on my way to @GeorgeMichael!!!! Are you ready for another Twitter Concert?" Was tweeted to @GeorgeMichaelNL, @GMSingers, @Dutchieemy. "Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Let's have a BIG party 2nite" came the reply! "@Leosmusic wants George Michael @RoyalOperaHouse soon but we still got him…...@AhoyRotterdam!! #Bringiton!", "They are playing George Michael Music in the restaurant in Rotterdam, especially for the fans #Woohoo".

I thought it only fair to warn His Nibs of the impending onslaught of such party fever and like a good little tell tale, I mean Twit reporter, I was even able to tell him where the real party animals were sitting, (he's usually up for a party himself)! So is his 41 piece orchestra judging by their antics on stage!! (Our naughty thigh slapping violinist, Madonna, was expressing herself again!) After this concert, sadly this zany and enthralling Czech orchestra will go home until George Michael returns to Europe. They really have put the Swing into Classical Orchestras, (our Madonna literally has)! Forget your big band!!! When in George Michael's genius hands of orchestration, their classical training and full instrument compliment blow any big band out of the water.

The next one, (tweet that is, not our thigh happy violinist) worried me much partying went on exactly BEFORE the concert???..."Thank God we are at the right venue. Big queue standing outside"...The photo that accompanied this tweet showed George Michael written in a massive screen above the main entrance of Ahoy Stadium, lighting up the darkness for miles. A blind Dutchman who could only read double Dutch couldn’t miss it!!! Catch up here can a blind Dutchman...oh I give up!! MORE IRISH COFFEE! High up in the rafters came the next tweet..."Now in Ahoy Concert of George Michael. We are a bit high...oops heights are put to the test (Very high like the Swiss). Look like large ants". "I die at high altitudes with George Michael in Ahoy. #GeorgeMichaelHeights".

Thankfully my party animals, who unbelievabubbly nearly missed the massive George Michael lights, were sitting in the stalls at the front, (front row if you please!). Let Her Down Easy could have taken on a completely different connotation had they been up in the rafters!!! "Brace yourselves for tonight big bunch of us @GeorgeMichalNL in the first rows!", "And think of Geraldine, who’d love this!", "#Symphonica OK we’re in! First few rows now filling up. Maybe contest winners? Or VIPs, lots of laminated passes". "That's us with our homemade VIP passes. #justkidding hahahaha" came the reply! Bev from George Michael Official was out and about in a grey and black cardigan..."getting lots of photos for the Facebook album Find me, quick if you want yours taken".

Technical problems made the impatient crowd get boisterous but they still retained their sense of humour..."Come on George, you look alright. Come out and sing us some songs". "An announcement was made that there is a technical problem so we have to wait a little and since we are used to waiting...#Patience he he". (What to do, what to do!!) "Perhaps a little waltz or something LOL, what do we think?" "George could in the meantime change his shoes, use his nasal stick, take a lozenge...memorize his lyrics and what not :)". "Mr George Michael come out now! #Stagefright!"...

Am I having a bad influence on the George Michael fans? I don’t think they were this irreverent before I Twitterlighted! Were they?? Should I be worried now, 'cos I know I'll end up getting the blame as usual? Maybe I should keep my head down for now...if anybody asks...Me no speaky de Eeengleeesh! "There is movement behind the curtains!" Ooooh Nooo! Don't tell me @Dutchieemy is touching up the non-existent, see through curtain now and whoever's behind it! Heaven help us, what have you started Nieuwgierig Aggie, (Nosey Ada)?

“Lights out Yes it’s starting!  Orchestra tuned we go!" Remember the sparkling, dancing fairy lights, that familiar voice in the murky blackness and the ever growing red swirling, sinuous visuals, George Michaels light tree (apols, tree of light...sounds more arty) and...Through. "Oh my God Voice is so smooth"..."Curtains open...big reception from the Dutch fans". "During Through George hit a high note Great!" Oh noooo not again! Don't tell me one of my party animals did something they shouldn't have with him?...Emy get back in your seat! "Yeah @GeorgeMichael in Holland finally and he sounds good. First big applause. Many will follow".

"My Baby Just Cares For Me, violinist slapping her thigh in time to the music". (hymp not AGAIN!) The party's already in full swing as is the orchestra! Didn't I tell you Madonna was slap happy tonight! "From his dancing tonight, I'd say George Michael is in a good mood. Says Idol is a brave song for him because it's about an aging pop star - Bev". "This is the first tour that he plays this and the most asked for, so now Cowboys & Angels", "And @GeorgeMichael is back on screen to the delight of the audience".

"Let's pretend it's the 80's and I'm 24!" says George from the stage. "And the audience is laughing...and we have arrived @ Kissing A Fool". "OMG @GeorgeMichael is sounding so good tonight and the gymnastics are back and he talks more than in Antwerp". "Gymnastic. He is playing with the notes again". "Ok, false note at the end of the fast bit in Kissing a Fool...better luck next time George He he!" Talk about being pernickety!! Note to self, no karaoke with the DTT! Oh for goodness sake! (Dutch Twitter Team you slowcoaches)!

“Lots of applause even during the songs". "Wauw one of the best versions of 'Going To A Town' I've seen". Whist Going To A Town was been sung A tweet came in..."George has a stain on his jacket and on the back of his trousers - we are only passing this on, on behalf of the others hahaha!". (First of our Catwalk remarks!) "Let Her Down Easy and the crowd listens in silence". There was a new version of Wild Is The Wind "@GeorgeMichael is leading the orchestra while sitting on his STOOL", (and not a PODIUM I'll explain later).

He still has a bit of a cold and ironically for me, tweets came in about him using a nasal stick. It reminded me of his previous 25Live Tour and his first Dublin gig in the RDS, he had his nasal stick out then too!! Fast forward to #Symphonica and these Dutch Lovelies miss absolutely nothing! "There is a camera man walking in front of me who we have not seen before"...No these dedicated Twitter troops are not delusional nor control freaks, they've been to quite a few concerts already and know the #Symphonica MO inside out and its production team! "Emy has never seen this cameraman before, not where he is going now anyway..." Told you...Concert MO & staff inside & out!!!

"Ha! After Going To A Town George Michael wants the U.S. government to know he didn't write that song - Bev". "Wow George Michael is super talkative tonight. Says he loves that people from different countries can sing along with him". "He's thanked the Netherlands for giving him his First number 1 AND his most hits ever". "George feels the urge to tell jokes tonight. Audience loves it". "What a difference if George enjoys himself. He even starts to joke". "The air piano was there again!"

Next was the new version of..."Wild Is The Wind with new visuals. On the back, a black and white George". "George is enjoying his dancing through the Bowie bit! Woohoo!"..." crazy good #GeorgeMichaelAhoy". "After the airpiano @GeorgeMichael is now playing the airdrum in Wild Is The Wind. He is enjoying himself", "George just gave so much on the Bowie cover he needs a drink of water, :) – Bev". "Wow. He says last night was the first time #Symphonica was the show he had imagined. Rotterdam thanks him back with a standing ovation. #Symphonica we got an I Love You", "When George got up this morning he was looking forward to the show tonight".

George is very talkative and has a lively chat with the audience about Songs From The Last Century or as he called it in his house, AKA Listen Without Purchasing. He tells them he and for that matter, the record company didn't promote the album as much as it should have been. He laughs and jokes they're on sale in the foyer. Someone from the audience shouts "Download!" and George says "DOWNLOAD?!! That's OK as long as you pay HaHa". Brother Can You Spare A Dime ironically followed and the curtain closed on the first part. Tweets were coming in even during the interval as the Lovelies were excitedly twittering about His Nibs! "#Symphonia Just overheard in the queue: Oh, he was so good, I was bawling my eyes out, such voice quality, great as usual :-)"

Patience kicks off the second half and George comes back "wearing a black t-shirt again under his jacket and a belt with Armani Logo". "The graphics are awesome again". Then John And Elvis Are Dead is next and George says "it's about the end of liberal thinking". Roxanne "Written by Sting, a good friend of mine. The audience is singing along". "During Roxanne George said, Here's something for the boyfriends to look at...the girls boyfriends!" "Tell the boyfriends that got dragged here today that these are real prostitutes". There were some changes to the next number, "I bought this song on the day I signed my first fantastic record deal, Song To A Siren".

Problems continued with the internet connection throughout the concert but I hardly noticed. "By the way", tweeted @GeorgeMichaelNL, "we are seeing your replies, thanks so much but we are juggling, service is bad and we're playing all our cards now using all devices". Nice juggling, it worked beautifully. They managed to post a live recording of Roxanne straight away, within a minute of it happening on stage. "And there goes the loud cheer...for A Different Corner". The audience were singing along nicely and by the time A Different Corner came along they were well into the swing of things and the rest of Twitter knew about it! Others were busy having "Goosebumps" when George Michael sang with the great orchestra. "What a voice so pure!"

"George made a joke earlier on about a couple dancing in row 1, 'if you go too far we have to remove you!' Thankfully the DTT weren't the only party animals in the first row!! "We think @GeorgeMichael may be reading our tweets...the stains in his jacket and trousers are gone ha ha". Told you they missed nothing! Remind me never to have a ladder in my tights around these troops...not that anyone would bother to climb up it theses days!...sigh. George said that True Faith is about the nature of addiction before he sang it! "The new soloist visuals are being used tonight in True Faith and there was a strong reaction to Amy Winehouse's Love Is A Losing Game which brought a standing ovation." "The crowd seems to love, Love Is A Losing Game # - Bev". "New visual thanks to @Dutchieemy of Amy Winehouse".

"George asked us to wave our arms during praying for time". "Praying For Time is surely my all time favourites George Michael song. Brilliant! Now live @Ahoy #Nightingale". "Rotterdam are you feeling good?" "Feeling Good?...Everybody is up and moving to the stage". "Birds flying high, you know what I mean...Feeling Good. Obviously now it's a bit of a difficult time to tweet since we rushed to the stage

Looking at the later uploads from the DTT it was an unbelievable Symphonica party! Even Henry Hey was jumping about the place leading the Czech Classical revolution! George Michael opened up his heart and his orchestra. He displayed full mastery of his strings and percussion and blew open the brass. He showed off his complete mastery of his talented Symphonic orchestration and total control, deftly weaving a lush, Bluesy, Jazzy cornucopia.

He effortlessly transported Ahoy and all there, to a balmy Alabama night that even the Gershwins would have been proud to claim their own! George (Michael not Gershwin), was truly showing off his black roots! (No pun intended there your Royal Nibness nor no coiffure critique intended @FadiFazwaz...just covering my back here in case my new found paranoia is justified!) Out of curiosity did anyone else have naughty visions of an 8o’s pool boy???...George in swim trunks during Feeling Good?? He brought up the 8o's and him being 24 again, not me!!!

"Ahoy lifts the roof after feeling good!" "Yeehaw Standing ovation for @GeorgeMichael, @GMSingers, the band and the #Symphonica orchestra". "What's that? I couldn't hear you over the terrific roar that went up once George Michael returned for the encore - Bev". "And George comes back to a deafening roar for the band intros and then reveals his shoes issues - Bev." They are higher than his other ones!! "He was looking down a lot because he wore shoes from the last tour and they were a different height. Nice black suede shoes"...What is everyone on tonight???? Even Bev is now going through his drawers & matching wardrobe!!!

Looking down from his new dizzy heel heights, Archangel Michael introduces the next bit, the aforementioned introduction of some GOSPEL! This is normally a back stage vocal warm up but it was unleashed on the audience who greeted it with warm enthusiasm and joined in. "George has JOKES tonight! He quipped during Gospel number 'that nobody does me like Jesus, sounds pretty gay' - Bev". "It's a bit dodgy for a Gospel song...Ain't nobody does it like Jesus...a bit gay". He then made jokes regarding the Gospel song "Amen". He said that he used to change the words to "HE MAN" instead of "Amen" 'cos that's what he thought it was! He said that "I just want to let you know I haven't found God...well kind of...Listen I've always known God but just a different God to theirs (GMSingers). Mine's much more fun and much more kind!" Many a word spoken in jest!!! Soon to be prophetic words folks!!! Thankfully he was to be proved right about his God, definitely more kind!

"The crowd now clapping along to the gospel warm up. Sounds like church! - Bev", "George Michael said "You've been a really brilliant audience" and asked them to sing along with the medley, saying he remembered they could sing quite well". The @GMSingers then applied for their moonlighting jobs at Subway! Their perfect George Michael sandwich was tonight's 'Meaty Special'! Looove the hands on hips stance girls...His Nibs' hips that is!!! Fantastic backing vocals tonight from all of you boys and girls, judging by the later uploads.

"Rotterdam the encore was so much fun! I was right in front, just behind the rope. George up close yummy!" Told you...The new George Subway Special! "Ahoy Dances!". Then came a photo from @Dutchieemy, from the FRONT ROW!! How do those girls manage it! "George Michael forgot his lines because @AnnemiekGM, @Luuk2007 and @Dutchieemy were singing in front of him." "George almost had tears in his eyes after the medley! He was mumbling to himself 'fantastic'". "Love that man and his music". "Medley was fantastic now I Remember You". (And our wee Michal is centre stage with His Holiness Michael!) "The final song of the evening, I Remember You – Bev". "Ah and it's over already!" "Thanks in advance to our wonderful @Dutchieemy! You rock girl!", "George Michael Rules...Big time!"

"That was a beautiful, understated jazzy concert in the @AH0Y Symphonica Tour with orchestra. Thankyou. @GeorgeMichael”. Well travelled Symphonica devotees (already) were able to comment, "Rotterdam, Verona and Koln were his best concerts more of a perfectionist this time round - checking with his autocue". "Symphonica all done first reaction, crying here good tears! So amazing we got the gospel and a very happy George". "What a Twitter dream tonight. Thanks for the shared fun." "Amazing all the love for George and his orchestra on Twitter! Thanks for being with us tonight!" "And for those staying (on Twitter), we will sure have some further details coming in the next hour or so". The Dutch Twitter team were as good as their word and more uploads of the concert followed.

“Last week (Ahoy 10th Oct),was very appreciative but it wasn't the all out party the fans had hoped for, Koln and Verona beat us hands down... Tonight we got our revenge". (Don’t shoot the messenger here folks, this is Dutch on Dutch!! Me no speaky de Dutch as well as de Eeengleeesh!!!) "On the way to train station, very crowded here but feeling good, feeling amazing, feeling freedom! Amen! Lol." "George Michael #Ahoy was seriously cool, seriously exceeded expectations". "Tonight was simply outstanding". "@GeorgeMichaelNL @GeorgeMichael this was fucking amazing Mr. Michael!!:-)". @JVoxAcademy tweeted, "I'm so happy you enjoyed last nights show, Rotterdam Rocks, can't wait to perform here again." After the Dutch shows George Michael tweeted from London..."THANKYOU ROTTERDAM XXXXXXX".

The one black sheep from the Dutch press that George just didn’t “do it” for, was from The Telegraph, Nico van der Plus, Tues October 11th 2011..."AHOY SWOONS"..."Seven Years from his last release of an album, this concert is styled like him in the autumn of his career"...(Now who could resist such an easy but juicy gauntlet throw down??...Not this Twit reviewer!!) "Looking back at his heyday at 50 he's doing this in a conservative style throwing off past scandals of sex and drugs, ascending the orchestral podium now as a stately gentleman"...(remember I said I'd explain later that he was using a stool to lead his orchestra from & not a grandiose pooh-dium?)..."Perhaps not as musically ground breaking but occasionally very strong". I don't think His Nibs will be swopping scandals for sandals any time soon, Nico!!

There's always one isn't there but this one seemed as if his medication wasn't working! One minute George Michael's voice was too good for the vocoder and the next he's past it at 50, (attempting a stately 'Georg-ian' façade of a concert, pun intended). All this was happening as the withered autumn leaves fall off his wee tree of 50!!

Ironically he was nominated a week later for the Songwriters Hall of Fame 2012 inductions in Canada, dedicated to recognising the work and life of those lyricists and composers who create popular music around the world! Hopefully he'll be recognised quickly before the end of the winter when according to Nico he's due to wither up and die! I'd up your dosage Nico your meds like you, clearly aren't balanced!! (I promise I wrote this refute to Nico in October 2011.) Blame my wee witchy Irish vibes if you will but I held fast, panicking of course...but holding fast, to my belief through the end of November that these words were total bull and wee Nico did need rebalancing, not me!

The vast majority of the Dutch press were head over heels and deeply dippy with our George..."George Michael Enchants Ahoy" Metro "British singer touches raw nerve with Symphonica Tour. Classical jazz combined with a flawless soulful voice from Billie Holiday to Rhianna, his voice was larger than life, emotional, evocative and clear. George Michael treated his fans with his orchestra in a wonderful show yesterday, in which he sang mostly slow classical and Jazzy covers.

The now 48 year old pop star deliberately chose to deliver a largely understated concert with special less well known hits from his own repertoire and covers of classical greats. The beautiful visuals with dramatic images onscreen gave each song an extra dimension. As always his voice was smooth above and beyond the greatness of his band and orchestra.

There was a beautiful trumpet solo in You Have Been Loved. Roxanne was transformed into a jazzy arrangement. He explained that the classic Billie Holiday You've Changed, was 'a song that changed my musical career forever'. The end of the show was more lively. Russian Roulette and Feeling Good whipped up the audience. Fans ran from their seats to get closer to George Michael. He was clearly charmed by the reactions in the hall; it was noticeable during the song Freedom, in his first encore. Michael beamed as he showed his moves are not to be forgotten.  

However it would have been more impressive in the show if the symphony orchestra had been given more room in order that they could excel." .The concert ended in style accompanied by a harp and he took his leave during I Remember You. In the hands of George Michael the concert was at times a dream to be enjoyed. Perhaps the best voice in the international pop industry. A voice, as we saw in Ahoy once again, much more than just pop".

Despite everything I've read in the course of my research for this concert review, I still think You Lovelies say it best, simply and from the heart..."There should be a law which says that George is forbidden to stop touring! Truly hope that the rest of the world gets to enjoy him too! can take that any way you like haha"

Of course it goes without saying that while we want him touring again; we want him healthy and happy, doing it his way and in his own time. As Heaven was kind enough to wait then so will his Lovelies, just as long as he needs!!

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Told you, you lot can bloody tweet!!! My wee tweeter is now tweetless and needs a wee rest! Tweet you with Symphonica Part 2 in Vienna September 4th with the next Twitter Party! Hold on to your Huggies & bring plenty of hankies!!!