I am switching off the wee Twitterlite format temporarily to bask in some of George Michael’s “White Light” before embarking on the unfinished Dutch Twitterlite review.



Michael Jackson RIP

What good would Heaven be
If the angels came for me I’d tell them no…….



These prophetic words of Michael Jackson’s song echoed in my head for days during George Michael’s battle for life in Vienna’s AKH Hospital, in November 2011. To the relief of his family, friends and millions of fans worldwide, this time heaven did wait and we had our happy ending. The extreme disappointment of missed concerts in the middle of his sell out Symphonica Tour paled into insignificance as the enormity of his struggle and its potential unthinkable outcome became apparent to his fans.


Inevitable panic emanated from genuine concern and love for a musical genius, very caring and extremely charitable humanitarian.  Sensational press, adding their own “spin” on things whipped up an unnecessary frenzy when no news was forthcoming to fill their papers.  This only served to increase the already unbearable pressure being exerted on George Michael’s family and close friends.  They already were bearing the brunt of their nerve shredding vigil in Vienna.


What was overwhelmingly obvious on Twitter and other social mediums was the amount of love, affection and genuine concern, all amalgamating in a simple wish for George Michael to win his fight and recover.  Their wishes have been

granted and not only is he physically recovering, he’s also back writing new material with renewed fervour and tweeting about it.  “Whitelight” was announced on Twitter along with his humble thanks to everyone, including the people who stopped him in the streets & celebrities who all vocally wished him a speedy recovery.


He’s giving a concert in Vienna on Sept 4th with a 1,000 tickets set aside for the AKH Hospital staff, 2 more dates have been added to the rescheduled 20 dates remaining. Sept 11th Brussels’ Forest National/ Vorst Nationaal and 14th September Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.  The Palais Garnier in Paris has been confirmed for September 9th.


Coincidentally (or spookily), while writing about White Light, a tweet came through on my phone from @FadiFawaz about George Michael’s  new song…..He just now said..”Listening to White Light song, never heard anything like it before.  Can’t wait to be released, its going to be a massive hit J”.


I was reminded that I and many fans need to thank him for the kindness he showed sending some tweets to us during those darkest hours.  We can appreciate that he was in a very awkward position.  He had to try to balance George Michael’s and his family’s understandable need for privacy at this terrible time and the genuine concern for George Michael that his fans were expressing.  We had only the press’s reports for “comfort” and two from George Michael Official’s fan club. His tweets, whilst they have been only a few, were enough to alleviate the sheer panic that was gripping the whole George Michael Community. Thank you.


I think… (bear with me I’m only working with half a brain as usual, so my few wee thoughts won’t take long…for a change!) the George Michael Twitter world of @MarshallArts, @Gmsingers, @GMichaelNews, @GMOfficial, @GeorgeMichaelNL,  @GMFamilyForums, @MrLippman

@Symphonicatour @Henryhey @david-austin, @ronnie_franklin and @JVoxAcademy all deserve a special thanks for all their efforts, their reliable information and the encouragement they gave during and since Vienna.  They have proved themselves a very approachable, effective, collective team.


Another tweet just came through again that’s spookily apt. This time its from a wee friend of mine tweeting… ”#WhatILoveAboutTwitter…. is Facebook is for  people I normally see.  Twitter is for people I wish I could see.”  I definitely would love to finally meet you all and the rest of the GM Lovlies; those that I follow, those that follow me and those I’ve come across in my research for my Twitterlite Reviews.  That would be some hoolie, Irish speak for time of your life party.  You have my unreserved thanks as you all brighten my wee Twitter world and helped made those devastating days in November tolerable.  The positivity and social interaction we could tap into, in one another and collectively, made an immense difference to me.  Who knows what the collective power of positive thinking/prayer/vibes or whatever you want to label it can do or indeed has done!!!!!


Lastly sincerest apologies folks for all this serious writing, I know it’s not my usual M. O and caught you all napping!!!  Now what did I start to write?????  Oh Yes I came out into the sunshine to finish the half written Ahoy Rotterdam Review October 2011, the last of the Twitterlite Reviews.  You’ll have to excuse me folks, I’m starting to come out in an allergic rash!!!!  It always happens when I’ve been nice for too long!  I need to revert back to my nasty, irreverent self, before long term humility, empathy, tactfulness and amiability starts marring my good character!!!  I have to go get my anti-kiss-ass-tamine oops, I mean anti-histamine cream.  Catch you (I hope) on the next link (oh no its starting already there’s the humility appearing… “I hope”!!!!) I hope you follow the next link for the----- Rotterdam By Twitterlight Review:  Meme’s Unfinished Symphonia  (The Delusions of Grandeur Tour)!